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Saturday, May 19, 2007
After math Qingchun=)

Xi ju-ians

HIHI everybody!!!This is a very very busy week for all of us...!Whoa!And everything ended so quickly...after this week of school, it's gonna be XIEREN, then june holidays then EOY exams...haiz. But i bet you guys had a very fufilling time together ritez???I think working together brings lotsa JOY..though sometimes you may feel bored...etc.

This friday,25-5-07,LT1,same time as CCA...we all gonna XIEREN ady...haha. Time flies. Honestly, i din like CS at first..really wanna "chiong" home after every activity, but, it's really weird, you start to like it when you allow yourself to commit. Sounds weird ya?Maybe you all will get what i mean later. Hope you guys enjoy CS and live your life to the fullest!!!

I guess this is the last few entries...and i'll have to hand this blog writing to another XXX.Yupp.haha...and specially decorated the Xiju make up box...so, whenever you all see it you all will think of BEARBEAR!!!haha.

Hope you guys had a good sleep!YANYUANs...this drama is finally over,so you all will only be left with memories..cos no more paixi or HUAzhuang ady. Keep in touch with the friendships you all have built o..maybe we can organise a "I regret ady" drama outing?Those who wanna go say "aye"!.LOL.no one here de. But maybe you all wanna think about this.And i wanna thank my HUAzhuang zu zuyuan!!!Wanting, Xiaoqian, HuiTze!!!And JIahui for coming on the last day.Muacks from me.=)

OKie...this is quite long. I shall end here. YOu all have a GOOD rest and we will see you guys on this friday. Take care.
Lotsa Love
Bear Bear

and they lived happily ever after at 7:29 PM =)