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Saturday, April 21, 2007

dear all

HIHI...this blog wont die yet...(touch wood*).Haha..yesterday was SYF drama competition...HEY you guys out there.Wanna know the results????Hehe...it's on MONDAY..so make sure you guys listen well.Look out for the news here and there.

Actors and actresses....you all have done a really GREAT job!!!I'm not trying to say something nice to make you guys happy o. But i think you all have been serious enough and have tried your very best!Very glad with that. I din see the last three groups...daddy brought me to the doc. Since it's early in the morning now. I am writing this entry to share with you guys( the rest of the XIJU-ians)...Haha.

I think the make up that i put on for them is not very 'conspicuous' as compared to those form other schools...when i saw them..my first reaction was--they need more make up...haha. Thanks to xiaoqian,wanting and huitze who came to help. To the rest of the houtai..i din write postcards for you all cos i din have the strength to do so.Sorry.Thanks to bunny for her postcard and thanks alot to RUixi for her AIXIn honey...so touched...haha=)Dama...seee...everything went well.Relax ady ok?^^

OK..i go eat breakfast...post next time.Thanks to the seniors who came back too.Rest well everybody and WELL DONE!!!!


and they lived happily ever after at 4:35 PM =)