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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Long time no SEE=)

Dear ALL

HIHI everybody. I think bloggie is dying. have been very busy ever since the start of the year...OMGosh...year4..haha.

Already two weeks no huodong...don't noe anyone of you all miss XIJU.Haha. NVM. ANd...SYF(singapore youth festival...for those who don't noe)is coming. Wah...so fast, last year we were also in drama competition. Time really flies. I know alot of you guys who are in SYF grumble alot...i think i noe how you all feel, alittle stress+bushuang..BUT, honestly, it's really a good learning experience. Everybody gets together and work for a common goal.The spirit is there..really nice though stressful and sometimes kena scold. When you achieve something together...i tell you..the joy is totally so totally cool...haha.So just bear with it, i noe have to sacrifice somethings, but if you take it with correct mindset, i'm sure it's gonna be different. Haha..that's all. Don't say i'm crapping o. I'm narrating my experience one year ago.

Qingchun also coming soon...JIAYOU for all CS ppl.ESP BUNNY and my RUIxi..i think you all quite stress.Gambatte!!!

Erm..for those who grumble cos i din go that day...(esp for the act cute one). I'll apologise here.But that doesnt mean i'm wrong hor...haha.But, honestly i still wish you guys all the best. Jiayou Jiayou. And take it with Joy.GOB BLESS...=)


and they lived happily ever after at 5:02 AM =)