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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Eola! Nice to see you guys again!!!

Dear Xi Ju-ians:

Hello everybody!!!Long time no see la...paise har...cos everyone busy preparing for exams mah...I believe the bpast few weeks were kinda tough...now the sec 4s are busy preparing for their O'levels. Hihi...but good gracious...our exams are over!!!Yeah!

I'm getting lazier...how about you all?You guys better pass down messages okie? Or else me, pat fuyuan will be paying loads of telephone bills...haha. Erm ya...are you guys going for the CS chalet? I think it's gonna be fun cos many seniors are going and it's organised by Fuyuan they all....erm, i presume it would be more fun and YOUng? I dunno...i can't admit i'm a very old ya...haha.OKie.

OKie...OKie....OKie....i have nothing to say le...thanks for the cooperation you guys gave during each huodong..i noe it may be very tired for you all to come especially when no one is going to their own CCA...haha. Just bear with it and enjoy the activities to the fullest. Believe me..life would be brighter...haha...i'm "philosophying" again...sorry.

That's all i think...farewell everybody and get high!!!Reward yourself well after the exams ya.

Muacks from me,

and they lived happily ever after at 10:23 PM =)