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Friday, August 25, 2006
Teachers' Day Finale! Showtime!!!

Dear Xiju-ians

Hihi...long time no see everyone. Wah, today xi ju huo dong so cool right...? i nearly died for choking...haha. Dama, although you're not with me today, ur spirit shall be with me.Haha.Guo dama send her regards.haha.

Teachers' Day coming le. Next week dry run and everything,by hook or by crook everyone must be prepared ok? I know u all can do it...actually today i got a lot of commentas one..but then during huo dong cos too HIGH then i dun have voice le.

But from my observations right...all of you have improved. Zhen Zhen dun laugh when you;re on stage. Ming Xiang be more natural and react when they bully you( you've improved alot, well DONe!) . Xin Qian must be more wu2 nai4 as the teacher, feel that they're in help but u dunno wat to do. Jing wen and xiu feng, must concentrate on stage. Siyi, rmb to put ur bag down after the dance. Anvea, you're ok but make sure you're happy when u bully MX. Voice actors must cooperate well with ur buddies...must laugh during the paper ball session. Jiayi, ur "Oh my God" should be louder. Then the others should stop laughing. YOu all are doing better. WELL DONE everybody.Cheerios!!!

OKie...it's kinda luosuo...but do take note of these details. You guys are the future of xiju...so dun play play hor...got huge responsibility.Jia you. try your best okie?Muacks from us.


and they lived happily ever after at 6:20 AM =)