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Thursday, August 31, 2006
***Happy ending Teachers' day 06'****

Dear Xiju-ians,

Hihi everyone...one week has passed since the last time i wrote on the blog. Wow...today's Teachers' Day and all of you did supremely well! Well done everybody! I'm so proud of all of you.Haha. I can tell that everyone is very happy after the whole performance. It's that feeling that gets everyone motivated, i think....hope it's the same with you guys.Haa.

Last time, when we were rehearsing Kong Jian, we practiced everyday and i nearly went kuku... we always wanted Yanyu and the others to "set us free" earlier but it just gets longer and longer...So until now, i finally know what it is to paixi...it's hard guys i know. So we're doing this together as a family of xiju. All of you......xin qian, xinyun, jingwen, xiufeng, kiayi, huihui,mingxiang,siswo,siyi,felicia,zhenzhen,yifan, ruyi(ty 4 helping xiju).....really and thanks alot for the co-operation. Pls learn and adapt to work as a team...it's very important as this will be your xiju very soon. Punctuality, sense of resposibility, willingness to sacrifice......you'll have to develop it yourself.It's your choice.So, i can only say Jia you!Haha.

Although it was a very tense schedule for teachers' day, i hope all of you enjoyed the process. .I did...although i wanted to pengsan at first.ahah. Don't blame me for shouting at you guys sometimes okie...it's reflex action.I'm saying sorry if anyone of you got HURT....haha. Be strong okie?And i wanna thank SP aka Bunny(hahaz if u dunno who's bunny) for the postcards and the support you've given us...it was really sweet of you to do so....^.^

Lastly, i'll end this exceptionally long entry with a kiss...muacks...to everyone and haha, hope you guys have a good night sleep tonight after a tiring day. Sweet dreams.^_^

Rebecca or Xin Mei

and they lived happily ever after at 2:01 AM =)