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Sunday, July 30, 2006


So shuang looking at all the tags!! Although not alot but still very nice~

Hehee, due to popular demand and overwhelming responses after the first 3 tags, i shall write another one!!!

Thank you, THANK YOUUUU!!!! For all ur support neh~~~ Blog revive liao lah, revive liao lah!!! But i dunno wad to say liao leh, dun have any annoucement currently~ must store power ba~ 1 month 1 post can anot ar??? Or 2 weeks 1 post? Tell me leh~ I'll ask the other ZZs - fuyuan, rebecca, wanye to post oso de, if not will look as if i spamming this blog =P

Lets chit chat ba~
Everyone got read newspaper hor, its quite an old news lah but since its about xiju~
Heard tat there's a high possibility of having Chinese drama for SYF~ they better have it loh! If not so unfair de, got english drama dun have chinese de. Now we only have xiao pin competition, if have SYF then can have more ppl taking part, can train and pei2 yang3 more members oso. But this will = more workload for fan lao shi~ haha. She have to write more ju4 ben3 liao~

For those who doesn't know about who fan4 lao shi is~ She is a professional xiju teacher tat DHS CS hired every year to help us write script, teach and train us for the xiao pin competition. We'll try to invite her to xiju huo dong to teach some techniques.

In case nvr hear hor~ We'll be carrying out some theory lessons during huo dong to teach about the theatre, xiju, roles (eg. in charge of music, lightings) and oso about theatre sports this sosrt of stuffs~ To make xiju more professional mah~ nice rite~

* Please go to the CS notice board every wednesday to check for updates on time and dates for huo dong okie~ coz we dun wanna pass message every now and then juz to inform of huo dong timing~ very tiring and waste money one~*

* Try to go watch xiao pin performance and know about other school's standard. Some VERY VERY pro one, u watch liao will like "wahhhhh! omg! why so nice! aiyo ours must improve alot leh".*
That time me and other sec3 CS ppl went to watch the nanyang and hwa chong combined chinese drama performance~ then i felt like "aiyo, ours like sai loh, their one so pro~ got feathers drop down from above, HUGE folded paper cranes hanging down, Big Big audi, powerful mikes, and nice props!!! haizzz.... we really must jia you for our own performance neh~ So nxt time, got any other school performance try to go, learn and emulate~

[haiya, say nth to write but type type type, in the end oso got quite abit hohohoho!]

and they lived happily ever after at 7:12 AM =)