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Monday, July 31, 2006
guodama n meimei

Dear All Drama pigpigs-.-

i'm rebecca n i'm finally here...didn't noe the passwrd previously for xiju blog. guess who is with me now??????????????????????????????????????? MY MAMA-.- GUODAMA!!!!!Okie stop being lame le....got anything to say?Nothing.Just hope all of ya enjoy the activities and contribute by giving us great support!!!

Xiju-ians, dun listen to Pat crap...no la...just kidding dun be offended. Actually Pat very xin1 ku2 de....she wrote 3 entries in ONE GO.....whoosh!Wait...mama got something to luo suo....

GUODAMA says: aiyo, i dun wan to appear here one leh...is this xinmei la, drag me here...n u all ar, dun everyday come blog hor, mus hao hao nian shu1, get di yi ming hor!!!

"shh...dun lsten to mama....must come everyday(though i dun)haha. Later i'll deal with mama...haha,drag her out and bash!!heee...

GUODAMA says: NO...mama so old liao, how can u bash me... k la, we too HIGH liao, being XIJU-ians...we can't help but drama abit...even on a BLOG!

Both xinmei and mama:"Hahah!!!!Yeah! XIJU-ians!!! JIAYOU!!!"
Lastly, dun miss both of us cos we won't be coming on this friday cos---mama go plant ORCHID and meimei go BIO seminar..dun miss us cos we won't miss u all...hahah.

sian-ing off liao~

and they lived happily ever after at 1:07 AM =)