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Friday, July 28, 2006
Feng Huang(PATRICIA)

Ehh.... hah i divide into two ba, coz too long liao see le will yan3 hua1~

This xiju blog like no one tag leh, izzit not enuff publicity har??? Does all the sec 1s and 2s know?? Maybe i'll announce this blog on the nxt huo dong ba... EVERYONE MUST TAG OFTEN OKIE!!! If not will be very dead~ Sorry for letting the blog die so long lah but from now on won't le!!! I try to revive it de. Coz i didn't spell the password correctly then oso nvr go check the dictionary, therefore stuck for quite long then found out tat i've actually spelt wrongly.... HAIZZ sec 3 liao still fail spelling.....

Can u all like reflect ur feelings towards the xiju huo dongs?? Coz we really dunno wad u all think leh. Must tell us honestly mah then we can take note and make the huo dongs better. If u all keep quiet then we cannot improve, in the end u sad i sad. U all can reflect like:
"i want to learn some yan3 xi4 techniques instead of playing games"
"i hope to participate in xiju yan3 chu1"
"the huo dong quite boring, maybe can XXXXX"
"why are we always separated with our frens, we want to be together leh"
"that XXX game we played last friday very fun leh, i wanna play again"
------this kind~

Then we'll reply u through this blog~ nice rite~ like this xiju will become very high tech and pro.

Everyone help to publicize this blog okie~ Save the address to ur favortites and come here at least EVERY WEEK! haha

and they lived happily ever after at 8:11 AM =)