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Friday, July 28, 2006
Feng Huang

WAHAHAH so paiseh neh, so long then blog. coz dunno the username and pw and oso keep on forgetting. And hor, i dun use proper english~ like this more qing1 qie4 mah~ After appox. 1 and 1/2 month of xiju huo dong, i felt that this period of time is wad i enjoyed the most throughout my 1 and 1/2 years of CS xiju. Coz as a fzz, i participated more with a totally different mindset as b4.

Last time rite, i always think of xiju huo dong as a waste of time with absolutely meaningless activities and bo liao games. Therefore, i would self-isolate every xiju huo dong and never initiated anything. This kind of mindset carried on until last year's wen2 yi4 ying2, when i finally sort it out and eventually found out that it was not that i joined in half a year later then others and is impossible to mix with the others members anymore, but was me myself, who gave ppl an AP impression by self-isolating, tats why not much ppl tok to me or interacted with me.

Having the right mindset is the crux. If u open up, gan3 gan3 fang4, be initiative and self-high, u'll be able to enjoy almost EVERYTHING in CS. Its extremely easy to get along well with ppl in CS as we're all linked and bonded together by this very CCA, it all depends on u.

This was one of the most important value and thing i've learnt in CS. I hope tat all the members of CS would learn sumthing meaningful as well and enjoy CS, like CS sincerely from the heart. Hope that u all will like and love us (2006 comm) also!!!! hehe ^_^

and they lived happily ever after at 8:09 AM =)