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Friday, July 28, 2006
Feng Huang

yoyo!~ still got summore~ last one last one liao. Did u read in order? This is post no.3, if u read this first then U ARE WRONG! Scroll down and read in sequence~ if not very weird~

In xiju rite, even though we already have very little ppl compared to other batches, but all of u must try ur best to show off ur xiju talents, biao3 xian4 urself to earn the opportunity to perform on stage or even go for the xiao3 pin2 competition~ Its impossible for us to realise all of ur hidden talents withour u showing it our first, so pls try ur best to showcase urself. This will oso make the atmosphere during xiju huo dong better ^_^

This time i must commemorate and praise all those who participated in the teachers' day audition. U all did very well leh. I'm not faking or exaggerating okie... Coz i participated too last year so i know the difference. U all this batch is really alot more fang4 and active lah, not like me. When i first went for pai2 xi4, the atmosphere was so so dead... everyone was like sian diao and laggy so we didn't enjoy it much. Only until we were about to go for the audition, then we finally started up the engine, which was veh veh vehX10 BAD. So applause to u all!

XinQian: U're the best loh, ur did d*** well for ur teacher role! I can really see the feel in ur acting. The angry-ness and energy. Good job ar~

Ming Xiang: U improved a whole lot, from the 1st practice to the audition one. I was shock when u slam the bag, it was the best slam i've seen compared to the previous practices and u tried hard not to swing and sway ur body le, we all can see tat. U oso caught that other ppl bully u, u get angry feel~ haha Well done~

Zhen2: Aiyo u ar, everytime tou1 tou1 laugh, but heng ar u nvr do tat during audition and--- U remembered to SHHH and tok louder! yay banzai~ haha Keep up the vol. k~

Si Yi: Erm....... ur acting oso one of the best ar~ as a huai xue shen, u showed ur energy and wan2 pi2-ness. Ur dance coordinated well with XQ. Good job!

Anvea: U're a very zhuai student! must give the sae look~ haha, u did great for the audition, the tai2 ci2 really diaozz loh~ Jia you jia you~~

Jing Wen: Yoyo, talented sec 1. U really impressed us leh, sec1 only so fang4 liao! Very good veh good~ must continue with tat okie~ I espcially liked the part where u cross the test paper and gave XQ back with a bu shuang face~ tat was SOOO hao~~ Keep up the good job k~~!!!

Sieu Fong: Hey~ at first tot u very quiet then no fang4 one loh, but with jing wen hor..... haha u did greattttttt when u stood up, gave bu shuang face and complained about the teacher. tat was nice. Jia you ok!!

THX to guo da ma for the script, sieu for the music, ah hiang for the dance steps, yanyu for visiting us and giving feedbacks(when u there hor, all of them became so serious and ru4 xi4 suddenly loh)

Tats all, i posted all i wan liao, erm i'll post again after i squeeeeze summore things to write~

and they lived happily ever after at 8:24 AM =)