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Monday, April 10, 2006

haha yanyu v busy nowadays preparing for qingchun lar... Anyway, dengue seasons are nearing, so here to do some fogging to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in this site. (change your encoding to unicode)

Xiju is having 2 jus for xiaopin and qingchun. The first one is {{希望}}, its on the challenges and emotional pain a young ex-criminal has to go through. The second one is {{空间}}, an abtract ju portraying the stress that Singapore students face. I haven gone back for quite awhile, but the structure of both jus are out. What's left is the 雕ing part, so if any senior is free please go back and help! =) And have you placed your ticket order? If not, pick up your phone and msg yanyu to get your tix!

Haha... Dao jus for {{空间}} are out already! The frames are quite well done! The last time I saw, we just had to tighten the screws to make it more structurally stable. Should be painted by now. We have to make "iron grills" for {{希望}}, that one I'm not sure whether its done.

Lastly, I just wanna say Jiayou everyone! Afterall, its a rare opportunity that we have a chance to perform at Victoria Theatre. Lets give it our best shot and show the public what CS can do! It will be a memorable experience for everyone! =)


and they lived happily ever after at 10:56 AM =)