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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Its me again! Updating about CS chalet... Yeah the chalet was really enjoyable, kudos to Wanye Yuntong and Jingjing!

The chalet was this flat in changi then everyday go dere like go home liddat. Facilites also not bad lar... Just that i every time oso very sway, never got the water heater's heat. =S And i realise CS ppl really like playing games alot! We did nth but play games on the first day. Got bridge, mahjong in cards, uno stacko and tortoise tortoise jump! Then we just played until dinner time without getting bored... Anyway i love bridge!

oh and the BBQ thank godness it didn't rain! Cant imagine if tat happens. The first pit ppl sang alot in a *cough* slaughter *cough cough* chicken *cough* voice. The second pit ppl mostly made up of seniors ate alot and talked alot of crap.

Aiyar in short the chalet was bonding and fun! But more ppl should haf come! Then will be even more fun.

Oh yar... the one day tour for wenyiying changed to 23rd le... But the buffet and talent time still on 23rd, so if any senior interested in going for one day tour also, please contact someone or leave a message at the tagboard! Why change to 23rd is a long story lar.... Lazy to say. Thats all!

and they lived happily ever after at 8:11 PM =)