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Thursday, November 24, 2005

wahahahahaha... i've successfully hacked into the blog!!! anyway yanyu flew to china liao, junli dun haf internet so wun see them here for some time. i shall replace them and entertain ur!

For old seniors, (older than me is old =P) wen yi ying is from 21st- 24th of December. Buffet is on the 23rd dec if i never remember wrongly. Please keep that day free if possible! CS chalet is from 12th dec to 14th dec, please keep that day free too! Somewhere changi i think.

And we are forming a CS Alumni! Main thing is to help with future Qing Chuns. Nothing is fixed yet though, more info on it later!

Then i have some notes and books which i wanna clear away after exams. Listing it down here see if anybody want them, just msg me at 91093539, if not the notes i'm gonna throw them away...

1. Mindmaps for Social studies. Handdrawn, quite nice got colour. Detailed info for each chapter. Includes a ten minute course on how to memorise certain chaps in a fast way. Free.

2. Mindmaps for chemistry. Only some chapters. Handdrawn. Includes a ten minute course on how to memorise reactivity series and iron making process. Free.

3. Chem practical notes. Free.

4. Chem file, Physics file, Amaths file, Emaths file, Social studies file, Geog elect file. Includes this year's olevel questions hot from the exam halls! Ugly but legible handwriting. Beautiful, coloured, usable files included. FREE!

5. Redspot TYS chem yearly and topical 1994 to 2003. MCQ i got do, section 2 untouched. Buy one get one free, $2. Usual price $19.80

6. Redspot Tys amaths and emaths yearly and topical 1994 to 2003. Untouched except for some geometry diagrams and random pictures to entertain you. Buy one get 3 free, $4. Usual price 36.90

7. Redspot Tys physics yearly and topical 1994 to 2003. Untouched except for last few year's MCQ. Buy one get one free $2. Usual price $19.80

8. Red chemistry textbook, "Chemistry Matters". Just bought this August and its wrapped so very new. $10. Usual price should be $20.

9. Marianne Chong Geog Elective Textbook. Also just bought this August and wrapped. $10, usual price $22 i think. If you study Geog Elective dun buy from me also must buy that book. Bagus!

Thats about all! Sorry this advertisement not relevant to drama at all. But this is a good deal i guess! if not all the books i will sell to brahs basah bookshop. Thats all for now. Enjoy your holidays!

and they lived happily ever after at 7:12 AM =)