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Monday, May 23, 2005

woohoo! Qing Chun Xuan Lv totally rawks!!!!! not being thick-skinned but i think we did such a gReAt job! yippeee!!!!! i'm so so proud of every item we put up! i'm so proud of everyone! i mean its because everyone's effort that the concert is a success. Great job everyone!=D
I think for both drama, all of us are quite worried bah... esp for the nite show cuz all the very important people coming. Like the principal , the EX principal, St joseph's principal, Mr kiw and all the HODs blahblahblah.... den tiancheng is like acting as the principal in front of the principals. liu shuo acting as the discipline master in front of mr kiw. den me acting as aunty in front of all the aunties! so we became quite nervous... Den yar... Junli's probably quite stressed too... But in the end it turned out quite well! we din make any booboos and i successfully finished my whole chunk of lines thats one and a half page long! Ai qing you xi's response was great too!
I'm very grateful to the appretiative audience. they were quite responsive to the parts they were suppose to respond and i guess they are quite satisfied with our performance. lolz... got some parts i looked at mr Sng and mr Loh when i tok. so fun! yup. and i SCREAMED like hell for after everything! the xie mu makes me very touched. den after that it kinda dawn on me that everything is over. dere will be no more everyone-gather-here-and-rehearse-for-concert anymore. no more jingju and xiju ppl dancing da er wu. no more xiju and wu dao ppl imitating jingju. makes me kinda she bu de esp when after tis sat i wun be making myself busy over cs le. but i guess everything has to come to an end! no shows thats never ending=)
anyway do come this sat for xie ren and qing gong! we buying 4 cakes to celebrate! and dere will be buffet! details i will post again!

and they lived happily ever after at 5:37 AM =)