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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
MiNyU e great

woohoo! watch Huang Cheng Ye Yun watch until v shuang! as usual it was a high quality performance! lolz... i quite like the idea of turning the whole performance into a plane flight. den ju-wise i like the 'wo men zhe li hai you wei' and 'yi bu tian tang'! (2nd ju was well...)
i felt the chao strong spirit of huang cheng! and the effort they put into the even most tiny details. its totally a very positive attitude. Tats wad we want in huodong! in xiaopin bi sai! and in qing chun xuan lu!! den we gt alot of inspirations for qing chun xuan lu. realli looking forward to it!
And i'm sure ur agree tat justina, yunling and yinghong acted v well! that time yunling and yinghong came back to teach us how to kai sheng and their voice was like WOW! gone through professional training shi bu yi yang de... oh yar and justina's foto gave me a big shock. muahahaha....

Oso, i'm glad u all enjoyed the da zhu huodong CSCS! i had alot of fun being the terrorist oso!! den u noe the straw game where ur shoot paper balls? its i invent de! smart rite?! muahahaha... and if u miss the porridge ur had for the chess, it can be bought at NTUC at 95cents. i personally like the abalone one the most. ok lar... tats all le... gotta go! cya! Enjoy the long weekend!

and they lived happily ever after at 6:57 AM =)