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Saturday, February 05, 2005

yoyoyo! i forgot to tell the sec1s bout drama blog! muz remind me to tell them next huodong ;) Anyway had devil's training with them last huodong (juz realise the training is not devilish at all-.-) they are very nice! juz a tiny weeny little bit shy. so u all muz dai dong qi fen n make them v v on too! =D budden i tink i over enthu den abit too scary le hehe....
hope u all enjoyed the mtv thingy! got alot of gaoxiao scenes lolz... n we found alot of compatible pairs wor... like yuan n jiesheng! wahahahahahaha.... sorri for giving so little time for practice. i had to gao 3 sides so abit luan. n those haven present tis week de do ask ur teamates to come early to prepare. cuz i cannot give anymore time for u all to practice liaoz...
u all got miss guohao tis week??? haha... he was wif the sec1s. the next huodong he ll be wif u all again! =) gh dun feel discouraged wor... first week sure abit luan one marz... next time jiu hui more shunli le!
oh yar... i ll ask the sec1s to intro themselves next huodong! muz try v v v hard to remember their names! i remember liao! anyway how i ask them to remember ur names arh got so many ppl. xiju got around 70ppl minus sec1s leh.... gimme suggestions!
tis week no huodong cuz of CHINESE NEW YEAR! enjoy ur holz! =D Happy new year!
n next week 14th valentine gonna reveal angel liao wor... so quickly give ur mortal sumtink if u haven! Muahahaha....

and they lived happily ever after at 7:58 PM =)