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Saturday, January 15, 2005

hey!!!!! I"M BACK!!!!!! got miss me not?? i miss u all alot alot! esp cannot see u all during huodong le.... chao chao chao she bu de u all!
Anyway dun tink we dun care about u all now tat we're not hosting kaez... we dun realli haf a choice lar... we still got put in alot of effort into huodongs de... den as u all can see from the previous huodong tat we haf alot of newcomers to the family. now xiju haf around 70 plus ppl le! haiz... wad to do? xiju too attractive le! Muahahahaha... anyway tats y last week's huodong was too cramp den din realli turn out the way it was suppose to be lar... we are trying hard to solve the problem bud u all oso haf to cooperate k! try not to tok among urselves during huodong if not yanling n xinyu haf to strain their voices. n speak loudly, projecting ur voice when talking to everyone.
oh yar... still remember the xiaopin lian xi thingy? hope u all can help by gathering ur groups n rehearse by yourselves. cuz i cant delicate too much huodong time to tis now dere are so many newcomers who are not involved. den we present tis asap n move on with other stuff...
seen ur surveys, quite alot of ur say wanna pai xiao pin. do ur mean like those pai n present in one week kind? ll tink about tat if u all realli want it! oso got ppl say wanna do more xiju related stuff... ok! Drama program starting after the sec1s come in. oso got ppl say they want opportunities to act... well i ll try to create such chances. u know... qing chun xuan lu is coming up so actually ur can form ur own grps n write a ju ben. if its up to standard n wang lao shi dun object, we can put it up n the script writers ll be given the priority 2 act! dere r quite alot of chances actually so u all muz put in effort to get them!=)

Huang Cheng Ye Yun by Hwa Chong
time: 17 18 19 March (thu, fri, sat)
venue: victoria theatre
price: 15, 12 10

everybody try to go k! this production is high standard. tell me asap so tat i can book the tix right behind the VIP seats!

ok lar... tats bout all! tok next time! muz be enthu during huodong hor!!! jiayou! (^_^)

and they lived happily ever after at 8:49 AM =)