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Sunday, December 05, 2004

yoyoyo! my com getting ok again! bud still abit e-or-e-or one... anyway juz dropping to say i'm V V pRoUd and iMpReSsEd by all ur performance in xiju ying! pity to those who nv come and watch...

bud nvm! i shall updated everyone who din went. Yuan and Fengyi was the waitress and they had tis dye on their hair. lolz... they managed to destroy justina's hair wif it b4 the performance. oh yar... justina did wear tat pink shirt we gave him, onli wif a jacket outside. den later yuan became tis cute cockroach in another play. realise she can be a real good cockraoch! =P

Huixin and Peixin was in tis abstract play... the concept was good bud abit too abstract for me though.. den yanyee was tis big gangster's assistant. haha.... she look so cool! she's the liu po den got another asistant call san gu. so san gu liu po, and they appeared in black jacket and sunglasses! haha....

den Junli was the male lead in his play wor! acting quite good, den they have tis little bao qing tian in the play. he damn small den wear tis big hat, big belt and long robe very farnie. Zhenyang was the guy at the side wif a bamboo stick shouting Weiiiiiii Wuuuuuu!

anyway can ur imagine our guai Alvin dying his hair reddish brown den tucking out his uniform and become aH bEnG? lolz... tats wad he did to our uniform leh! HE DIE. Muahahaha... bud nice acting!

oF cUz! still have our BEST MALE ACTOR AWARD WINNER *drum roll* DARREN!!! he was tis lao tico who came to Singapore wif his family from China as tourist. den he almost went to have sex wif a prostitute until a cockroach( not yuan) appeared and he ran away... anyway his acting was good lar, (Or he was a natural pervert?) den very farnie. Yuntong was one of his daughter and she did her zhao pai zhen zi in the play again! den yanyu was tis teenager who in order to get a seat in the MRT stuffed a basketball in her jacket. lolz... she was like aiyo!.. aiyo!... until darren gave his seat to her.

den woonlong our STAR actor got new breakthrough! he was first tis boyfriend who profess his undying love for the girlfriend by saying, ' If you are the shit, i'm the toilet paper. If you are the 'chicken' in Geylang, i'm the 'duck' in Balestier.' lolz... den when darren went to geylang to find 'chicken', Woon long was one of the prostitute! den he was wearing this long and thick hair dyed pink! woolala... you need to see to know wad its like lar... lolz... did xinyu take a photo of him?
Muahahaha... so tats all ba... Byebye! =)

and they lived happily ever after at 7:53 PM =)