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by Yihui
Inspiration by Qien


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Friday, December 31, 2004
darren & yanyu

a new year's approaching...

hope everyone liked what we had planned for xiju this year and that u have enjoyed yourselves. would like to thank everyone out there for particitating actively in this year's huodongs. ur response really mattered to us.

and for our new year wishes...

darren hopes:
everyone will comtinue participating actively in xiju huodongs and build up a passion for drama so strong dat u can burn dah house down.
sec ones next year become sec twos le wor...must study hard kkx...cos there's streaming and stuff...and if u aim to get into dhp or try for ips in other schs...u must work real hard okeys...and even if u don intend to try for ips...u still must study hard so dat u can get e combi u want...and be real united with your class...den wait until last day de den regret dat u didnt this or didnt dat...
den sec twos next yr become sec 3s le wor...me oso...hope everyone made loads of new friends in their new classes and adapt real quickly...
den sec 3s next yr become sec 4s le wor...hope everyone score well for prelims and o levels and give it ur all during your last 6 mths of xiju huodongs...ROX ON!
and orientation's coming...so let's do our best and attract the sec ones...jiayou for orientation ju...jiayou for orientation programme...

yanyu hopes:
everones' passion for xi ju will grow stronger and those hu dun really like xi ju at the 1st place will grow to like it. hope that u all will learn more abt xiju and benefit from our huo dong next year.
and most importantly more sec1 males will join xi ju

and they lived happily ever after at 11:28 PM =)