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Monday, October 11, 2004

yoyoyo! xiju ying from 29thNov to 4thDec at Nanyang arts institution! its a day camp. Now got arts grant even cheaper! should be onli 30 bucks from edusave. all the sec2s who are free go! very enriching and fun. you go liao like tuo1 tai1 huan4 gu3 one...
at first i go oso abit dread de... cuz muz wake up realli early. i live in pasir ris, den tat year's camp was at tanjong katong i tink. so hiong. the tot of holiday still muz climb out of bed makes me sian. den when me xinyu claire and junli go still muz get separated into different grps.
bud go dere different liao. First day onli the whole grp noes the whole grp liao. den each grp got different instructor. all instructors are fun. my instructor was from hongkong.(shuaige!) den we played some games. he very friendly so we warmed up very fast. very professional oso. learn alot of stuff bout xiju tat we used to negliect.
den got one teacher his surname is mao! haha... den they call him mao mao... he very pro in dance. den fan of jay. our morning exercise was mass dance! very fun! den everybody oso suck so we malu together... our instructor taught us a dance oso... now i still remember! haha... his dance more kiddish. mao's more seh.
besides playing games, we also prepared a short play to present on the last day. practice was fun! time goes very fast dere... the script was cool. the instructor made sure everyone had a part to play. den got noe to alot of other sch ppl. some join drama camp not becuz they are in drama. like ppl in Jurong sec joined for fun.
den the last day each grp presented theirs. got very good ideas from each grp. xinyu's grp did something like chao ji bian bian bian! den claire did zhen zi. junli was coffee boy. dunno how to describe my role. its some kind of a mime bah... bud had to try real hard not to laugh at first!
den last day very she bu de. we gave our instructor a tshirt wif our signature. den he immediately wore it. so after the camp we oso gathered at lao pa sha to treat him b4 he go back to hongkong den he rich man treat the whole grp to kbox... the whole grp grew very close after the camp. den now still got keep in contact...
Go xiju camp bah! realli worth the effort...

and they lived happily ever after at 4:51 AM =)