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by Yihui
Inspiration by Qien


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Friday, September 10, 2004

yoyoyo! todae wake up at 7.30 suppose to reach sch at 9.30. den at 8.15 darren called. den i remember i suppose to go sch at 8am to pack xiju cupboard... haiz... forgetful me...
den when i reach dere darren and yanyu and alvin gave me a BIG SURPRISE! they told me they throw away alot of things without me. wah! den i went to the door dere den saw the pile of things they wanna throw out of xiju cupboard. so mountainful lor!
den i quickly try and rescue them to no avail. cuz i realise wad they throw are truely quite junky lar... like those clothes old and rot and yellow and common until everybody has and nobody dare wear... and alot of cloth. so all look like they should be thrown away. bud farnie last time throw things tat time nv see so much junk to throw.
anyway i rescued all the table cloth. HOW CAN THROW TABLE CLOTH? and a spoilt camera. and a guy wallet. and a big bag made of cloth. and a songkok. HOW CAN THROW SONGKOK? den again the songkok filled wif cockroach shit liao...
speaking of cockroaches. the cupboard is hell dirty! tat time i open a box of cups for wine wanted to use den saw a live cockroach. den onli me mar i dun dare to kill the cockroach so close the box and put the box back into the cupboard. den todae i open the box. THE COCKROACH IS STILL THERE!!! wah! how on earth did the cockroach stay dere for so long? den yanyu so brave! she killed 2 cockroach for us. not like tat DARREN arh... ask him open the box onli he pass to yanyu liao.. haiz... see! guys no use liao... den yanyu nv pass to alvin. she killed it. she's my hero! haha...
so ask fengyi to wipe the cupboard clean. den we went down to wash all the plates and cups we have. den we din haf any scrubber lor... so we pulled alot of toilet paper from the toilet den wipe the dirt off the cups. i cant describe the dirt. its a kind of brown stain tat onli a cockroach's home has... haha... i trained 3 maids in this process. Maid fengzy, Maid alvin and Maid darren.
den to my horror after putting everything left in. all the props onli occupy the last 2 level liao... last time is quite packed... den full de... ahhhhhh! den i suddenly feel so little. the cupboard feel so little. how come? onli throw away the junk den we had one junk throwing session b4 tat liao den still can throw. den throw so much. den all tats thrown are junks. wah! den i dunno whether i shud be happy tat the cupboard is more spacious or sad tat y we left wif so little props! bud realli din throw any important thing leh! den everybody in com who saw the rubbish oso say they look like rubbish. haiz... shall not say anymore.

and they lived happily ever after at 8:10 AM =)