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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hey guys!

Finally i remembered the password and came to blog can?!
And i see got no song mah...so decided to add a song:)

The theme for teacher's day concert is "masquerade"(dunno how to spell)

Yeah...Then we can start to write script and then start paixi-ing...

Budden i myself wun be able to watch the participants perform lor...cos i will be in Macau for the theatre sports competition from 25 AUG to 4 SEPT...Sian diao-.-

Gotta select the performers pretty soon...dunno who to choose:(

To add me in msn: ahloo_1021@hotmail.com

[*Qian] left her footprints-

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Friday, July 27, 2007
Guest blog again...haiz:( but i love to post here.haha

Dear all

Yo..everybody..this blog is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.........DEAD. I am so sad why no one wanna post. Gonna call them up sometimes. Anyway just to babysit my BAOBEI bloggie for a while. I dun want it to go deadlier than this.I have been very busy nowadays..i think this is the first time i'm on the net for the past two or three weeks...haiz. BUT my frens claim that day always see me online...haha..GHOSTLY figure.

OK...i'll stop the crap on my personal life..so how is everyone doing in XIJU now?I heard xiju is getting more and more crazy..haha. Maybe "youngters" nowadays like "ciji"...(i sound old)XD.

I heard our regular customer here..shiling quited drama and joined dance..so you tagging there now?Do drop by and have a piece of TIRAMISU. Anyway..i'm interested in FOOD. I love food. I bet alot of you out there love food. So you guys can tell your ZZ to let you all act out a scene on FOOD.WOW!!!

This year DSA got 6 ppl to drama lehz...OMG..that's quite alot..last time dun have de..sienz..anyway this is good news..i bet the boys will come in if they are good. haha.same for dance. I saw the dance DSA that day...all red red de...but very professional=)Haha.CS rawks!

Signing off.Jiayou for END of year !!!!!

Lotsa love from

and they lived happily ever after at 10:38 PM =)

Friday, June 22, 2007
guest here...bearbear


HIHI everybody!!This is still bearbear here. Welcome to dramaclan..i'm currently baby-sitting this bloggie here. Xun2zhong4yao1qiu2, i'm here to post another post...but as "Guest blog"...hehe. Otherwise my loyal supporters get bored and run away, hopped away or bounce away with their mother or something..tsk tsk..what am i talking about..sorry..weekend blues..cos this monday SCHOOL reopening!!!


IF u're rEaDY...





Haha..dont get too surprised...i'm preparing u guys to "get high" this term...Anyone noe how to link blog to blogs?I wanna link comm0607's blog to this bloggie lehz..but i'm IT idiot..hehe. And people..go ahead and SPAMMM the tagboard..hee..if u guys can..that is.I wanna make a cake today..still considering wat kind to make. I wanna make Tiramisu( i wanna eat)..cos i miss the one in Binna Burra...muahahaha..ok.this is called "self-highing".YOu all can start learning when your blog gets dead..i heard the one in WEXuE is even "DEADlier"..

Prepare for RIP(rest in peace ceremony), make it double(since drama+wenxue)



This is bear bear blasting off at the speed of a graveyard...(this graveyard can walk de)

OMG...i've evolved into a very FEI bear...my sis sitting next to me say "jie..ni1fei4dao4lan4"...haha...i also think so..but nvm mind..since there's no one except for a few earthlings here...

GOOD day! and be good.

(this is a colourful post)

muacks muacks muacks from

bearbear XD(<3s>

and they lived happily ever after at 7:38 PM =)

Saturday, May 26, 2007
bEAr bEar love you all^-^

dEar dEar all Xiju-ians,

Oh my...i'm feeling a little sad here. We handed over our post on Friday. Guess this is my last entry. Haha.But i noe Xinqian, Anvea and XiaoJian will look after this blog and you guys! They are cute people...haha.Time really flies. Thanks alot and alot to all of you who have written postcards and notes and stars and chocs...haha.Really nice for all of you to do so...bearbear very touched...(woo....T.T)I say on behalf of Pat and Wanye too...thanks to all. Not only for the postcards and thanks for being such good and sweet people in CS. We LOVE all of you too. Muacks muacks! We'll come back at the end of the year...definitely.=)

Whoa...made such a long speech up there. Well...So,Xinqian is our new Xiju ZZ.Anvea and XiaoJian(JianYi)is our new FuZZ.You guys be good and listen to them ya.And Siswo that zhutou has become a "MUSHU"....oops...it's MISHU(hehe..the 1st male secretary). GongxiGongxi to those who have taken on new posts. And Xinyun is our new CS ZHUXI.

That.."get high" dance...haha.I cant dance that one.So sweet of you all to dance. Dama and I love it.I can see alot of you like CS...continue!Then you'll enjoy the whole process. Make the very best out of your years in CS! And i bet a lot of you gonna become COMM members next time. haha. JIayou jiayou...i'll still be here to see all these.^-^

Wanna thank---Jiahui,Hui Min, Jane,Danene,HuiTze,JingWen,Shiling, Jocelyn, Yanci, Siting,Sec3s, Sec2s...(nice postcards, notes, chocs, stars, and PERFORMANCE!!!)bearbear love ya!

Anyway, we'll not be having any huodong for the time being. During this June holidays make sure you guys enjoy it and make good use of it! Better do something for your end of year exams...i'm gonna "PIA" for EOY.Have fun!!!I'll miss all of you for one whole month!=)Take good care of your health as well ya....dun burn midnight oil for TV and stuff.Be good.

And...with all these..i'll end my last entry...haiz, i shouldn't sound melancholy.I'm gonna TAG when the new blog master comes in...hehe....bear bear loves CS and loves all Xiju-ians..Muacks muacks muacks...(to the power of infinity.)...^.^

Lotsa n lotsa love

and they lived happily ever after at 6:48 PM =)

Saturday, May 19, 2007
After math Qingchun=)

Xi ju-ians

HIHI everybody!!!This is a very very busy week for all of us...!Whoa!And everything ended so quickly...after this week of school, it's gonna be XIEREN, then june holidays then EOY exams...haiz. But i bet you guys had a very fufilling time together ritez???I think working together brings lotsa JOY..though sometimes you may feel bored...etc.

This friday,25-5-07,LT1,same time as CCA...we all gonna XIEREN ady...haha. Time flies. Honestly, i din like CS at first..really wanna "chiong" home after every activity, but, it's really weird, you start to like it when you allow yourself to commit. Sounds weird ya?Maybe you all will get what i mean later. Hope you guys enjoy CS and live your life to the fullest!!!

I guess this is the last few entries...and i'll have to hand this blog writing to another XXX.Yupp.haha...and specially decorated the Xiju make up box...so, whenever you all see it you all will think of BEARBEAR!!!haha.

Hope you guys had a good sleep!YANYUANs...this drama is finally over,so you all will only be left with memories..cos no more paixi or HUAzhuang ady. Keep in touch with the friendships you all have built o..maybe we can organise a "I regret ady" drama outing?Those who wanna go say "aye"!.LOL.no one here de. But maybe you all wanna think about this.And i wanna thank my HUAzhuang zu zuyuan!!!Wanting, Xiaoqian, HuiTze!!!And JIahui for coming on the last day.Muacks from me.=)

OKie...this is quite long. I shall end here. YOu all have a GOOD rest and we will see you guys on this friday. Take care.
Lotsa Love
Bear Bear

and they lived happily ever after at 7:29 PM =)

Saturday, May 12, 2007
oUr QINGcHuN concert!!!

All XiJU-ians

HIHI to all...Everybody back from Level Camp already!!So how was everybody's camp?Mine was GREAT!Cos..we went as a class.Haha.

This Friday is our CS own concert..QINGCHUN ady!!18th May 2007..time really FLIES!Gosh..are you guys tensed up?Actors and actresses do your best that day o!This time we let everyone see how good is DHSCS's drama!!Yeah!

Do remember that we have full dress rehearsal on 17th May.So don't forget to come o..!And 18th May, that's it!

Take care everybody.JIAyou for Qingchun!!!

Muacks from

and they lived happily ever after at 6:49 PM =)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

dEaR All

HIHI!!!!I am here to announce our xiaopin FINALS results!!!OK...take a deep breathe...haha...WE GOT YOUshengjiang--GOLD.YAY!!!!

And...congrats to KIAYI!!!She got best Actress award!!!YAY!!!Happie happie!!

CONgrats!!!Now..it's only QIngchun ady...time really flies!

Gambatte everybody!Very late ady...gonna sleep.NITEZ...=)

muacks from

and they lived happily ever after at 7:13 AM =)